Exploring Phen375 Hype – Pill For Lifestyle Disease?

phen375Can Phen375 will help you to reverse obesity which is a lifestyle disease? You are obese or overweight due to bad lifestyle habits. So it makes sense to lose weight by changing your lifestyle itself!

Isn’t it?

I know, my suggestion is disappointing, especially  if you are looking for easy fix…

Problem – you can’t change your lifestyle?

I understand that there may be lot of factors which is not in your control. For ex, going to gym and sweating there may not be viable to all . Similarly you can’t do “fasting for weight loss” if you have sever acidity or gastrointestinal problem. That’s probably when you should look for pills and supplements.

Diet Pill – Magic Solution?

The entire diet pill industry is driven by unscientific, non-practical and sometimes absolutely ridiculous super fast weight loss claims; no importance is given to the need for a controlled diet and regular exercise. However, there are few websites that sell fat burners and diet pills mention the importance of controlled diet, but rarely any one gives us a perfect meal plan. Phen375’s manufacturer is one of  the  supplement seller I have seen  giving a meal by meal diet menu for 30 days.

Phentemine375 is NOT a Phentermine  drug. Due to the dangerous side effects, Phentermine (phenyltertiary-butylamine) based appetite suppressing  pills were banned.

But now dieters have many better alternatives to phentermine and Phen375 is one among them.

What is Phentemine 375?

Though the name looks similar to Phentermine, it doesn’t’t have the letter “r” in it! It is also called Phen375. It seems, the sellers are trying to market it using Phentermine’s popularity. (There is another similar brand Phentemine 37.5 !) It is claimed to be a fat metabolizing slimming pill. Let’s look at the ingredient list to get clear idea of how exactly it works.

Phen375 Ingredients and why it Matters?

The official website of Phen375 makes its ingredients formulation too difficult to understand by using many scientific jargons. But after some research on the ingredients mentioned there, the effectiveness of the tablets can not be denied.

This is the exact ingredients found on Phen375 with clear formulation

  • The exact ingredients in Phen375L-Carnitine: L- Carnitine mimics the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) that transport fatty acids through to your metabolism. HCG aids in the release of stored body fat, into the bloodstream for energy; making your body burn existing fat easier.  Study – Low-dose L-carnitine can yield weight loss 
  • Citrus Aurantium: Sympathomimetic Amine (Citrus Aurantium/Bitter Orange) is a natural stimulant that helps you constantly burn fat by increasing your metabolism. This is how we super charge your metabolism. Case Study on Citrus aurantium and weight loss.
  • Caffeine: 1, 3, 7- Trimethylxanthine (Caffeine) helps to trick your brain in to believing you are full which means your body has to burn more fat to get the energy it needs. Also, by reducing hunger you eat less, allowing you to easily reduce your food intake. For more information read this article – For weight loss, caffeine is helpful, coffee is not
  • Cayenne / Capsicum: Capsaicin-1.12 is included at a powerful 12 to 1 concentration which helps ensure the other active ingredients are carried throughout your body by increasing blood flow in smaller or restricted flow vessels very common in fatty tissue. Read the article, Cayenne Pepper May Burn Calories, Curb Appetite
  • Longjack Tongkat Ali : LongJack Tongkate ALI is not necessarily a weight loss aid, but it increases the muscle building hormone in men and women by increasing testosterone levels. It also helps to stop glucose becoming stored fat and instead turns it in to energy you can burn off. In essence it makes storing fat harder and burning fat easier.

Though Phen375 make up looks extremely complex, these ingredients are combined together with the intention of reducing fat and increasing energy levels. Most of the popular diet supplements currently available on the market contains at least one or more of the above listed ingredients.

Are There Any Side effects?

  1. Phen375 is a fat burning  supplement. Fat burning supplements are never free from side effects. But compared to other fat burners, Phen375 looks better with minimum side effects. It is certainly not recommended for prolonged use.
  2. The possible side effects of Phen 375 are change in stool consistency and dizziness. (Remember Phentermine and Phentemine 37.5 are totally different from Phen 375) If you have decided to use it, then I would recommend you to take the pill for only 2-3 months. Take 1 month break from the pill before starting another cycle.
  3. It contains mild stimulants like Caffeine and Citrus Aurantium for thermogenesis bost. It can cause sleeping disorder for few people. Hence, I advice you not to take Phen375 atleast 4-5 hours before sleep.

Who should Avoid it?

People with cardiovascular diseases, obesity related health problems like fatty livers, high blood pressure, and hyperthyroidism etc. Also pregnant and nursing moms should seriously avoid it.

How much weight one may expect to lose?

As per Phen 375 official website the average weight loss is 3-5 lbs a week. In fact, its official website shows concern over the dieters by giving an easy to follow 30 day meal plan as bonus. If you have bit of will-power you can get the same result with some restrictive diet and exercise alone!

Real Users Feedback

Phen375 website shows some impressive success stories which looks legit. There are testimonials from different types of body and different part of the world. Have a look at few of them below. Click on the image for larger view. More here

 Are there any alternatives?

Yes, but I don’t want to pitch you with bunch of pills here. Instead I’m going to suggest the right method to lose weight

  1. Again and again it has been proven that intermittent fasting works very well for fast weight loss, I mean real fat loss without muscle loss. If you need more information or actionable guide, I suggesting getting a copy of Brad Pilon’s Eat Stop Eat. You just need small bit of will-power for 2-3 days.
  2. Are you looking for natural supplements? If you hate the idea of taking a chemical diet pills you can try something like PhenQ or  Garciania Cambogia Extra.
  3. If you are young (below 40 male or below 35 female) I only suggest exercising and healthy diet. You still have almost 50% life left! Taking fat burners at this age is bad idea in my opinion. I’m sorry if I hurt your sentiment. Checkout Customized fat loss program by Kyle Leon. Here is one more detailed review.

If none of my suggestion  make sense to you, then you can certainly try Phen375!

Should I Buy Phen 375?

I rarely recommend fat burning supplements due the side effects they cause. But Phen 375 looks different. Its ingredients can aid fat loss without causing dangerous side effects. Furthermore, it is one of the best selling fat burner with highest re-order rate. It’s fine to take fat burners for 2-3 months. Once you have lost reasonable amount of fat then follow my advise on lifestyle change.

How much does it cost?

At $59.99 per bottle (around 20 day supply) it seems to be expensive. However, if you buy 2 you get 1 free. Use the link below to save some money without any coupons. Cost per bottle comes down to $36 if you choose 4+2 free offer. With this offer you also get 14 day practical diet menu.


Here is one of the customer’s review 



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  3. Laura

    I live in Venezuela and since it cant be delivered here, i will try to ask someone to buy it when they go to the US or try to prescripe it here. How exact is the formula?

    Thank u very much!

  4. Sonia

    I am 46 years old and very active. I work out 5 days a week. For the most part I eat pretty health and don’t overeat. I’m 5’3″ and weigh 118. I am looking to weigh 108 – 110. I bought Phen375 because I felt that I hit a plateau. I bought the 90 day supply and I am now on my 2nd of the 4 bottles.

  5. J

    Hi please don’t post this comment.
    I am interested in buying your site. Would you consider selling it to me and if so for what kind of price?

  6. 10 kg de slabit

    This product is amazing! i tried Hydroxycut and roxylean before and
    they worked but the W700 worked much better than these two,
    since the first capsule i felt the rush of energy, my mood also
    changed, i took one capsule during the morning and the other one after lunch, please
    don’t think this is a miracle fat burner, you have to workout and for me this is very important a healthy diet,
    i lost 3% of body fat in 5 months, is a natural product!
    you can’t go wrong with this! i also bought Uberday and Ubersurge just to try them!!

    I had great results, i had to buy more W700, i am taking 3 capsules a day, 2
    with the first meal and the other one prior to workout,
    now I am taking these along with uberabs, uberday, fish oil, Glucosamine Tablets, yohimbe, and raspberry ketones,

    I would recommend this product to those who want to loose
    fat, as I always say these are not miracles pills, go to
    the gym, eat healthy, drink lot of water and be consistent!
    Don’t give up!

  7. Marie-Paul

    I received my first Oder but the second never arrived that’s since April.I was told by Mr James Gordon they’re will sent out a replacement as they don’t do refunds and enable to trace it with Yodel drivers and that was on the 12th may now I’ve Emailed James Gordon asking when I should be expecting the replacement pills? Now it’s a lady Called Phoebe Green responding saying that she’s confused. I want my money back.Simple .

  8. elaine

    I am on my third bottle of Phen375 and have drooped a dress size I have to be honest that I am not exercising as yet but have reduced alot of the carbs and sugar I was eating a month ago.
    I am going to reorder and hope to hit my target of another dress size !

  9. elinamathews

    Hii !

    I am using Phen375 since last 3 or 4 months. Though at starting I was not very confident regarding my decision of purchasing this pill but then after being a user of it I realized that this pill being made up of 100% pure natural ingredients provides the users with a very efficient weight loss. Along with that it also improves my body’s metabolism. For further details about Phen375, visit here –

  10. Susy

    This phen375 company is a scam! I ordered hoping the positive reviews werent just paid lies. Within the hour some very rude guy called demanding my banking information for security purposes or he would cancel my order. I was immediately suspicious and started asking questions at which point he cut me off and started loudly demanding information and threatening to cancel my order. I barely managed to tell him to go ahead and had to just hang up. SAVE YOUR MONEY THIS IS ALL A SCAM!!!!

    1. NoMore FatGuy Post author

      Sofar no one has complained that company staffs are rude. They call you to confirm the identity & to protect you from online fraud. Phen375 gets 100’s of 1000’s orders monthly and a small portion of orders are unauthorized. For ex; girl using her BF’s credit card or children using their parent’s credit card without consent. CC companies charge heavy fine for charge-backs and disputes. That’s why they call to each customers to confirm the order. Competitors even use stolen credit card and place fake orders to cause legal trouble! I think it was a bad day and the order verification guys had too many orders to verify. That’s why he spoke with you in a unfriendly manner.

      Let me assure you that no product can survive the market for almost 10 years with paid lies & fake reviews alone! Yes, Phen375 has been selling online since 2008

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